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IPA 3.0

7.0% ABV

71 IBUs

Served in a 16oz Pint.

Verion 3.0 of our house IPA is a traditionally hoppy and crisp india pale ale. We blended Amarillo and Centennial into Topaz hops and eliminated Munich malts altogether to yield a lower IBU, reduced maltiness and more hop aromatics.

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experimental hop series: strata double ipa

9.7% ABV

80 IBUs

Availability: Limited

Our experimental hop series (EHS) is a never ending hunt for novel brewing techniques and unique hop strains, ultimately showcasing the wonderful world of lupulin. This iteration highlights Strata, a hop packed with tropical fruits
and dankness. Look for passion fruit, grapefruit, and strawberry.


hazy ipa

5.8% ABV

9 IBUs

Availability: Year Round

Our first EVER foray into the realm of Hazy IPAs, this beer is everything you want in a fluffy hop experience, and more. Double dry-hopping with Talus and Citra has this beer bursting with pineapple, mango, andruby red grapefruit on the nose. Each sip comes
with a lush mouthfeel and finishes with only a touch of bitterness, making it our patio-pounding IPA of choice.

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odin's collective double ipa

8.5% ABV

50 IBUs

Availability: Limited

As with the legend of Odin, strains of Kveik yeast descend from the distant past of ancient Scandinavia. Their characteristic ferment, though ferocious at first, plays a ballad of aromas composed by the divine. As the preliminary installment in a collective effort to highlight Kviek, Odin summoned an IPA with doubled strength and hoppiness aplenty. Loral and Belma hops contribute fruity and floral aromas that complement the characteristic esters of this yeast.

cherry saison

5.9% ABV

22 IBUs

Availability: Seasonal

A contemporary saison at heart, this beer is augmented by the addition of tart balaton cherries from michigan.
crisp, fruity and refreshing with just a hint of sweetness.


rasberry sour

5.5% ABV

20 IBUs

Availability: Limited

With the summer version of our rotating
sour series, we wanted to create
something playful. Raspberry can be a
delicate fruit with delicate flavors, but
this beer stands out just as vibrant as its predecessors. The hint of pink in the foam foretells a fun, fruity experience that awaits in the aroma and tart flavor.



5.5% ABV

20 IBUs

Availability: Seasonal/Rotational

Part of our rotating sour series. Made with all natural passion fruit puree. Bright and fruity, inviting passion fruit aroma. Perfect for any time of the year!

lime lager

5.5% ABV

28 IBUs

Availability: Year Round

A crisp, easy drinking lager with a large addition of organic lime puree. The lime is the star of the show making this bright beer as refreshing as it is tasty!


4.9% ABV

6 IBUs

Availability: Year Round

This limited release beer is a special
collaboration between Sanitas Brewing and McDevitt Taco Supply. To honor the legacy of super heady tacos, we have included some roasted tortillas in this Mexican lager. This beer drinks light and crisp with a perfect balance for summer sipping.