The SanitaS BREWING company STORY

We began with two brewers’ audacious passion for beer. Hustling by day and brewing by night, Michael Memsic and Chris Coyne noticed owls watching over them during their brewery brainstorming days. In 2013, they adopted their feathered friends’ look, adorned with the Brewer’s Star: a representation of malted barley, grain, hops, water, yeast and the brewer; 6 elemental ingredients in the frothy beverage we all love.

Since then, they’ve built a team of bold, spirited and adventurous individuals working together to bring you a tasty beverage to enjoy in the company of our tap room, to accompany you to our neighboring Rocky Mountains or sip in the comfort of your own home. Our team strongly believes in beer bringing people together and take pride in our tap room serving as a watering hole for your entrepreneurial collaborations, post-work decompressing and celebrations! Stop by and enjoy a taco and crisp brew, hike Mt. Sanitas and reward yourself with one of our famous lagers or sip a stout next to your fireplace; whereabouts your passion leads you, we’re confident in our beer you bring to compliment that journey.


Your Passion. Our Beer. Cheers to that.

Our co-founders

the men behind the scenes

Michael Memsic

Michael had dreams of playing baseball for the Oakland A's before a string of injuries and strong dose of reality aligned him with brewing. It was in college that he began experimenting with what would soon become his lifelong passion. As the story goes, what started as a hobby evolved into an obsession. ​ During his time at the University of Colorado in beer-loving Boulder, Michael carved out time between classes and powder days to work at Oskar Blues Grill & Brew. Following graduation, he took over as a brewer at Boulder Beer where he would spend several years developing creative beers and chasing his dream of opening a production brewery of his own.

Chris Coyne

Chris began brewing young—learning at the hands of his father in high school. He took to the trade solo in his college dorm, applying his collegiate studies of engineering and biology to his home brews. Regularly volunteering on the bottling line at Berkshire Brewing, he was elbow deep in bottles and caps when he had an epiphany: there are people in the world who make beer for a living. After landing his job at Boulder Beer cooking, he was willing to do anything to get closer to brewing. It was not long before he worked his way up to the brewhouse where he spent several years learning the intricate scientific properties of making consistently fantastic beer.​