The SanitaS BREWING company STORY

We began with two brewers’ audacious passion for beer. Hustling by day and brewing by night.

As old friends from Boulder Beer, Michael and Chris wrapped up a long, double-brew day by playing with a recipe in a leftover whiskey barrel. That Imperial Stout marked the start of a long venture between the two. As they walked out into the parking lot, they heard something on the roof. Perched overhead, with the moon at its back, sat a large owl. It took flight overhead, flaunting its 6 foot wingspan to the brewers below. After that, they couldn’t help but name their first beer the Blackhorn Owl Imperial Stout, a species of owl that most definitely does not exist, but paid homage to the impressive creature from the night of what would become many late brew nights together.

After their first experimental brew together, Chris and Michael continued to spend many nights drinking beers together after their brew shifts on each other's front porches here in Northern Colorado. Many owl sightings continued, and the execution of Sanitas began to really take flight. Owls watched the two at each of their homes during these nocturnal business planning sessions. When they finally came across the large brewhouse, taproom and patio space you are in now, they knew Sanitas had found its first home. To make that decision even more clear, an owl sat hooting in the treeline along the train tracks during the first night of taproom construction. And such, the owl forever became a symbol of formative

moments for Sanitas.

Sanitas was formed around the principles of collaboration, connection and community. In the days and years to come, our primary focus is using our history to build community through patios and pints. We're stoked to have you in to drink a beer, kick back on the patio and join us on that journey. Cheers!

Our co-founders

the men behind the scenes

Michael Memsic


Michael fell in love with craft beer while a student at the University of Colorado. His passion for homebrewing led him to an opportunity in the early days of Oskar Blues in Lyons. He then spent the next 10 years as a professional brewer here in Boulder. Michael always dreamed of owning his own brewery and in 2013, he teamed up with his business partner, Chris Coyne, to open the doors of Sanitas Brewing Company in Boulder, CO.


With the opening of Sanitas, his love for a liquid grew into a love for teams and community. While his passion for beer runs deep, it’s the opportunity to grow the business, create bring-you-together spaces and keep local communities connected that drive him to continue building the Sanitas brand. 

This passion for building teams and the entrepreneurial spirit has driven Michael to pursue additional opportunities including the co-founding of Brewer’s Star Distributors, a Colorado-based craft beverage wholesaler with the mission to care as much about the brands in their portfolio as the brands do themselves. As a true entrepreneur, Michael has his hands in several projects and is always looking towards the next innovative move. 




Chris learned the trade of brewing from his father at a young age. In his college years, he fell in love with the craft of homebrewing out of his dorm room. Experimenting with new beers and sharing them with friends quickly became his main hobby. After volunteering on the bottling line at Berkshire Brewing in Massachusetts when he had an epiphany: there are people in the world who make beer for a living. 


He moved to Colorado and landed a job at Boulder Beer where he spent 11 years as a professional brewer. Chris always had an interest in crafting his own beers, so when the idea of opening a brewery came up with friend and coworker Michael Memsic, he was ready for the venture. In 2013, the Sanitas Brewing Company taproom doors opened. 


Throughout his time as head brewer, Chris has brewed over 150+ beers in the Sanitas brewhouse. He’s landed on 8 strong signature beers and 25+ seasonal and rotating offerings. Chris’ joy for crafting tasty, bring-you-together beers is stronger than ever as he continues to develop new recipes and make an impact on the craft beer market in Colorado.